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Written by ARC   
Monday, 22 March 2010 22:23

There is a reason that Metro Orlando is consistently named among the hottest markets in the nation for business and job growth. In fact, there are many reasons! Here's our top ten:

One of the Fastest Growing Economies in the U.S.


FEATURE: Despite the national economic slowdown, Metro Orlando's economic engine continues to hum. That’s because in terms of economic vitality, Orlando tends to lead the State of Florida and the state tends to lead the nation. A Global Insight study predicted that job growth in Orlando during the next five years will occur at the fastest rate in the country. Each year, Metro Orlando appears among the top 25 metros in the nation for economic strength; a ranking compiled by Policom Corporation based on economic growth and stability. If Florida were a country, it would have the 19th largest economy in the world.

BENEFIT: Business leaders in Metro Orlando can rest assured that they are in a region with a solid economic base and room to grow. This also provides a sense of security that family members will find plenty of job opportunities in their respective fields. The strong economy in Metro Orlando has also allowed local companies to look at ways of expanding their options by adding new product lines or services.

Access. Access. Access.

FEATURE: With almost 50 million visitors a year, Metro Orlando is built for easy access. There are three international airports in the region, including Orlando International Airport which is the fourth largest origin & destination airport in the U.S., and in total passenger traffic ranks as the 10th busiest airport in the nation and the 20th busiest airport in the world. In addition, Orlando has proximity to two deep water ports — one of them the only quadra-modal port in the world — and extensive road and rail systems connecting the region to the Southeast United States, making Orlando a true global connection point. And with the recent addition of international service by Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, and jetBlue, and increased flights from Copa Airlines, Orlando International Airport now provides non-stop service to 14 international and 79 domestic destinations. There is no easier point for access to Europe, North and South America not to mention the Florida market, which is the fastest-growing job market in the nation.

BENEFIT: From exporting products to meeting with clients throughout the world, Metro Orlando offers businesses the access they need to stay competitive.Orlando

Young, Diverse and Highly Educated Workforce

FEATURE: Several studies have found that Metro Orlando’s population will feature the same ethnic diversity in 2015 that won’t be reached by the rest of the country until 2055. With 25 percent of the region’s population having completed a bachelor’s degree or higher, and another 30 percent having completed at least some college — it’s easy to see that Metro Orlando’s employee base is well-educated. It is also important to note that the region’s median age is 36, with 64 percent of the population under the age of 44.

BENEFIT: The diversity of a region’s workforce impacts its ability to nurture innovative thinking and offer residents a high quality of life. No matter what level of skill is needed, the regional workforce is well prepared. Companies also have access to state-sponsored workforce training grant programs that allow them to keep employees on the cutting-edge in their respective fields.

One of the Nation’s Best Locations for Entrepreneurs

FEATURE: From Walt Disney to Glen L. Martin, Metro Orlando has a long history of entrepreneurial activity. Case in point: the region has approximately 24,000 company start-ups per year and over 29,000 home-based businesses. These numbers are the result of the presence of facilities such as the Disney Entrepreneur Center — one of only two such centers in the nation — and the University of Central Florida Technology Incubator – ranked as one of the top incubators in the nation. These factors and more are the reason this region is regularly ranked as a top location for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

BENEFIT: Doing business in an environment where you can “fail on Friday and start on Monday” is critical to business success in today’s fast-changing environment. The large number of start-ups in Metro Orlando is also a testament to a creative and innovative workforce available to businesses located in the region. Finally, with facilities like the Disney Entrepreneur Center and the UCF Technology Incubator, businesses can be assured that the region is focused on their success no matter what their size.

Diverse Real Estate Market - Affordable Options for Business

FEATURE: Metro Orlando offers a variety of commercial and industrial real estate options - ranging from urban space in downtown Orlando to rural land in Lake and Osceola Counties and everything in between. This region's robust inventory includes over 144 million square feet of industrial space and nearly 70 million square feet of office space. And unlike many other metros, Orlando can still accommodate build-to-suits with a variety of developable land parcels in the region.

BENEFIT: The sheer quantity and diversity of commercial and industrial property in Metro Orlando means that companies growing in or relocating to the region are virtually assured the space or land suitable to their specific needs. The amount of space and current associated costs are very competitive with other regions around the country — making Metro Orlando an affordable place for businesses to locate.

Established Technology Cluster: 53,000 People Strong

FEATURE: The Metro Orlando area boasts a $13.4 billion technology industry that employs close to 53,000 people. Top sectors include film and digital media; modeling, simulation and training; optics and photonics; aviation/aerospace; homeland security/defense; financial services technology (fi-tech); information technology; clean tech; and life science/biotechnology. Companies also have access to a strong university system and an environment of technological innovation and infrastructure supporting the region’s established technology sectors.

BENEFIT: An established technology sector means that companies growing or relocating to the area have immediate access to a technology ecosystem that has been building since the 1960s. This includes immediate access to a highly skilled workforce, university research and development, partnership opportunities, and organizations and facilities dedicated to helping high tech companies flourish.

"Most Connected" U.S. Metro

FEATURE: Metro Orlando is an international leader in digital connectivity. The region has been ranked as one of the top ten “most wired” communities, with 65 percent of our citizens using broadband connections.

BENEFIT: Today’s marketplace is no longer defined by geographic boundaries. Without virtual and real world connection to other parts of the world, businesses cannot capitalize on new opportunities. In Metro Orlando your company will never lack ways or means to move product, information or people.

Nation’s 3rd Largest University Anchoring an Extensive Higher Ed System

FEATURE: The University of Central Florida, with over 50,000 students, is now the third largest university in the United States. The University is also home to one of the top Tech Incubators in the nation and boasts more than $122 million in annual research dollars, many of which are matched with company dollars in joint research projects. UCF’s College of Business Administration has been ranked as one of the largest business schools in the nation. UCF is only one of more than 35 post- secondary institutions based in the area. This includes three of the state’s top community colleges, as well as Rollins College — ranked #1 regional university in the south and its school of business is ranked #1 in the country — Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the Florida A&M University School of Law, Barry University School of Law, and the first stateside campus of Puerto Rican-based Ana G. Mendez University.

BENEFIT: Metro Orlando’s strong higher education system provides companies with a steady flow of highly-trained employees and access to a variety of research and development opportunities. The many post-secondary institutions also provide educational programs in a wide variety of fields. Companies that need employees with specialized skill-sets can also be confident in the community’s long history of partnership between educational institutions and business.

Variety of Lifestyle Options – Low Cost of Living and World-Class Entertainment Options

FEATURE: From rolling hills and orange groves to a downtown core that boasts $1.8 billion in current development — Metro Orlando truly offers a variety of lifestyle options that meet just about everyone’s needs. Long called “The City Beautiful” — Metro Orlando’s namesake city is known for its brick-lined streets, green space and eclectic housing options. Further west and south are Lake and Osceola counties respectively, which still offer “elbow room.” Heading north — Seminole County is a thriving suburban area offering beautiful communities like Heathrow and Colonial Town Park. All of this comes with Orlando’s well-known sunshine, closeby beaches, no state income tax, affordable cost of living, growing list of cultural options, and world-class entertainment industry.

BENEFIT: Business leaders and employees living in Metro Orlando not only bring home more of their paycheck thanks to the affordable cost of living and no state income tax, but also have access to almost every conceivable lifestyle option. With more new residents consistently moving to the region than leaving, the secret is out that this region is not only a great place to do business, but also a great place to live.

The “Livability” Factor

FEATURE: Year-round sunshine. Outdoor recreation. Proximity to beaches, lakes, springs, parks, trails, and fields. World-class entertainment options. Distinctive neighborhoods. World-class shopping. (Closets free of winter coats, scarves and gloves!) The region’s amenities, natural and “man-made”, make Metro Orlando a great place to work and to live.

BENEFIT: Companies of all types and sizes find that Central Florida’s unparalleled “livability” enhances employee recruitment and retention.

Last Updated on Monday, 24 May 2010 17:12