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CBM Export Regional Center PDF Print E-mail
Written by ARC   
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 16:45


CMB an acronym for California Military Base describes the geographic scope of our Regional Center. CMB structures safe investments with its strategic partners, the government agencies charged with the reuse of the former bases, to create backbone infrastructure on the closed military bases. The strength of the CMB investment lies in its core structure.
Safety Investments are with government agencies or they have government based financial instruments as security.
Defined Exit Strategy The investment term is structured for six years. At the end of the six years the investment is repaid. There is nothing to sell and the investment is not subject to the whims of the typical property based investments
Proven Track Record of Success
The jobs creation methodology in the current investment is the same as all previously approved CMB projects.
Transparency in Financial Disclosure Each partner has the right to view the financial records of the Partnership. Furthermore, the finances of the government entities we partner with are a matter of public records.

CMB Export, LLC one of the oldest and most successful EB5 investor visa Regional Centers in existence, is pleased to present the CMB Infrastructure Investment Group II Limited Partnership as the safest investment for prospective EB5 investors to receive a permanent visa (green card) into the United States. CMB has utilized our already USCIS EB5 visa program approved project structure to formulate the Group II investment visa project. This dynamic immigrant investment is located in San Bernardino, California just outside of the Los Angles area and McClellan Park located near Sacramento, California. The investment focus is on former military bases that are now being converted to civilian use. Immigrant investor visa funds are used to build basic infrastructure. CMB investment funds, as well as government and private funds, provide an enormous amount of infrastructure investment capital. The CMB investments are used as infrastructure bridge loans with the Government Reuse Agencies or base master developers charged with the reuse of these former military bases in California. This structure of investment provides a security level for our immigrant investor’s that is second to none. Our investment into basic infrastructure via a pooling of capital with those authorized authorities insures the job creation requirement of the EB5 green card program is not just met but exceeded.

CMB is fully committed to providing our clients comprehensive services that will guide the prospective investor through the EB5 investment and immigration process in order to achieve their goal of a permanent investor visa into the United States. We are not afraid to show comparisons between Regional Centers as we firmly believe CMB is the best path towards the EB-5 investment visa today.

A thorough review of this web site will take the prospective EB-5 investor through the process of examining EB-5 while pointing out the strengths of CMB’s structure and pointing out things to avoid when considering other Regional Center investments. We encourage the potential investor to do the proper due diligence that this complex green card process involves. We believe the more a potential client looks at other Regional Centers the more confident we are that the ultimate conclusion will be that CMB is the very best program for those clients seeking a permanent visa (green card) and the safe return of their original EB5 investment.

We are pleased to announce that all EB5 investor petitions that have been filed with the USCIS in connection with CMB investments have been 100% approved.

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 May 2010 17:35